Things You’re Missing Out If You Don’t Have the MyDigi App

Despite the convenience of the internet and phone apps, I am surprised that most people haven’t heard of the MyDigi app. If you’re a Digi user and have no idea what I’m talking about, you’re seriously missing out!

The MyDigi app is a mobile app that allows you to manage your Digi account easily and hassle-free. Besides the basic management like check data usage and others, here are some cool features that every Digi user should know in the MyDigi app:

Pay bills for everyone

The MyDigi app isn’t just for your convenience, but also your friends and loved ones. The app allows you to manage not just your Digi number, but also other people’s. With the app, you can pay multiple bills or reload data using only a single account.

Buy roaming passes

Ever travelled abroad, you can check internet balance and realised it’s running out? Fear not, as MyDigi app allows you to purchase roaming passes on demand. You can even pre-book these passes at your convenience. All you need to do is select an activation date, and you’re set.

Open the Box of Surprise

The best feature of the MyDigi app, in my opinion, is the Box of Surprise. It is a feature that is exclusively for Digi users, so take this chance to enjoy surprise deals and earn rewards such as internet add-ons and tailor-made offers. It’s a feature that every Digi user deserves and should not ignore.

Earn as you reload

Who doesn’t like saving? With the MyDigi app, you can earn up to 10% free credit every time you reload your internet balance. The more you reload, the more you earn and enjoy your GBs!


As a Digi user and a happy customer of the MyDigi app, I highly recommend this app for anyone that owns a Digi number. Even if you’re interested in these fancy features, it’s a convenient app for you to manage your account.

Download the app now at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store!

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