Shooting with your Phone in Low Light? Try These Tips for Better Photos

The cameras on our smartphones are great tools to have. Camera phones like the Vivo V17 Pro help capture special moments without having to carry another device. However, sometimes it’s hard to keep the quality of the photos when you’re snapping away in darker spots. Fret not! There are ways for you to improve the photos you take at night so it’ll be capturing the moment you want to remember!

1) Expose well and correctly

When taking photos in darker places, make sure your subject is in focus. Tap on the subject on your phone’s screen, and most cameras will set the proper exposure and focus for you. This will help illuminate your subject, so they’re not drowned or disappear in the photo. 

If you need to, the exposure compensation tools on your phone could be helpful to get things just right. Low light photos can be harder to edit, so the key is to make sure that your subject is illuminated from the very beginning.

vivo v17 pro vivo

2) Go manual!

For the best results, we implore you to try manually adjust your phone camera settings. This will take a lot more practice and experimenting, but the end result will definitely be worth it. To get the best out of your night-time images, adjust your ISO and shutter speed

Most Android phones let you have control over these things and more in the manual mode. For phones without this feature, various apps like VSCO and Obscura enables you to do this so that you won’t miss out. 

3) Stabilise your shot

Just like a surgeon, steady hands are a great advantage when you’re shooting on night mode. Leaning against a solid surface helps you stabilise your shot, even if your phone already has optical image stabilisation. This helps for longer shutter speeds and/or lower ISO settings without your hand’s shakiness interfering.

If you have space and want to go all the way, invest in a small tripod that you can carry around in your bag. This way, you’re super prepared for anything that might catch your eye that evening. 


If you’re looking at making your low light photos shine just as well as your regular shot, try out these tips. Next time you shoot, with your camera phone, utilise these tips and well as the built-in night mode, so your pictures remain bright and clear. For smarter cameras on phones, have a look at the Vivo V17 Pro here

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