Psoriasis and Smoking: Quit Before It’s Too Late

Everyone knows that smoking or using tobacco products isn’t healthy for anyone. Smokers are at high risks of developing lung cancer and other diseases, thus shortening their lifespan. In the United States alone, 480,000 deaths are caused by cigarette smoking.

You may also develop psoriasis if you are a heavy smoker. According to a study, people who smoked more than a pack of cigarettes per day doubles their chances of developing severe psoriasis.

Smoking makes psoriasis worse

If you are a smoker with psoriasis, you are facing a higher risk of triggering your symptoms. Researchers revealed that cigarette smoking exacerbates your skin condition, resulting in more frequent flare-ups.

A study also noted that women who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day have more than twice the chances of developing a flare than nonsmokers. Meanwhile, for men, the risk is 1.7 times higher than the rate of nonsmokers.

Smoking causes severe psoriasis

Compared to light smokers, heavy smokers have twice the risk of severe psoriasis. The more and longer you smoke, the higher the risk of severe psoriasis.

Similar to having flares, women who are heavy smokers face higher psoriasis severity than male smokers.

Other health complications

Not only does smoking affect psoriasis, but it can also be the cause of many other diseases.

Smoking does damage to your body and your cells which leads to cancer cells forming in your system. Some of the types of cancer you can develop from smoking cigarettes are lung cancer, esophagus cancer, and mouth cancer.

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Stop smoking as soon as possible

Quitting is understandably hard for smokers as they are physically addicted to nicotine, but risks of developing diseases aren’t worth it.

Start quitting by taking small steps. Decrease the intake of cigarette, use smoking cessation tools and seek help from family and friends. You can definitely see your quality of life improve after you quit smoking.

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