Lafarge ProSolutions: The Building Material Leader in Malaysia

Malaysia is known as the developing country to rapid economic development. In Malaysia, the building sector is considered the very first sectors of the national economy and it’s assumed to contribute 5.5% for the Gross Domestic Product in 2020. Lafarge ProSolutions always has been a really important motivator for the construction sector.

Premium Products and Services from Lafarge ProSolutions

Lafarge ProSolutions is a building material company in Malaysia. Becoming the pioneer in the market, they supply high-performance professional services and products for the exact purpose to build Malaysia improved. They offer the proper materials to suit your individual use and professional use. We will look at their range of products and services now.


Whenever people speak about cement for individual or business purpose, Lafarge ProSolutions is always in their mind. There’s lots of variety type of cement on their catalogs like Phoenix, Rumah, Walcrete, Harimau, and RoadCem. Each kind has their specific purpose which depends on where it going to apply.


QuickMix by Lafarge ProSolutions is one other quality product for individual and industry purpose. QuickMix is not difficult to utilize and possess high bonding strength. You won’t need to be worried about cracking issue as QuickMix is high durability and good weather resistance. It’s not hard to be handled simply because it is available in bag packaging.


Lafarge ProSolutions also delivers best-quality decorative and structural concrete products to suit diverse commercial and individual needs. Each of the solutions is uniquely formulated for diverse uses. As one example, Artevia is a group of decorative colored concrete for internal and external flooring.

Special Project Team

Operating a mega project is not easy. With Lafarge ProSolutions’s Special Project Team, it really got easier since they have got a team of experienced professionals that equipped with innovative solutions. They offer services that include consultancy and design, project management, engineering, contracting, and asset management.


Lafarge ProSolutions operates a nationwide network of facilities to distribute their products effectively and efficiently, in addition, to ensure uninterrupted supply of products to customers. They even offer logistics services like GPS Tracking, Delivery Mobile Application and Delivery Monitoring Service.

Testing Labs

Unlike other building material company, Lafarge ProSolutions provides testing lab service also. They’ve cement lab, concrete and aggregates lab, mobile lab, and soil lab. With this particular service, they’ve been always the first choice of civil engineering contractors, consultants, manufacturers, and governments.

testing labs

It’s no doubt that Lafarge ProSolutions is considered the building material leader in Malaysia because of the thorough services and products that it offers. In case you’re interested to explore more about Lafarge ProSolutions’ range of products and services and its operation, go ahead and visit their website at

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