Early Signs of Labour To Look Out For!

Being pregnant for the first-time is an exciting, but very daunting time for many mothers. As the months pass, everything will progressively get breezier. However as you approach your due date, you may want to prepare and start expecting some birth signs. Here are some early signs of labour to keep an eye out for!

One month before or pre-labor

During the final trimester, especially towards the end you may notice that your body seems to prepare for your baby to come. Your baby ‘drops’ and positions itself closer to the pelvis. Your cervix dilates slightly as early as a few weeks before birth. Back pains and cramps may increase in frequency and your joints may even get looser. All of this happens to ease your body into facilitating the birth of your little one.

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Early labor: the days and hours before labor starts

There are three main signs that you’re going to labour. The first being that your vaginal discharge may change in colour and consistency. In the days before labour, you’ll likely see increased and/or thickened vaginal discharge. Another symptom to pay attention to is stronger, more frequent contractions that happens close to your due date. The last and most obvious symptom would be that your water breaks. 

What should you do when you get into labour?

Preparing ahead for labour is key to getting a smooth and hassle-free birth. Some mothers pack their hospital bag as early as their second trimester. Look into these symptoms and talk to your doctors and family to figure out the best way to handle and manage them. Once these are all done, it’ll all be a piece of cake.


Getting into labour can be scary, but knowing what to expect and preparing yourself for it might ease you and the whole process. To know more about birth signs, click here https://abbottnutrition.com.my/pregnant-mom/6-clear-signs-you-are-going-into-labour

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