Desaru: A Good Option for Weekend Getaway Reasons That You Must Travel to Desaru

Malaysia has so many amazing places to visit. No doubt one of them is Desaru. Some of us didn’t be aware that Desaru actually have many enjoyable places to find out. Let us highlight certain places to check out in Desaru, Desaru attractions, also Desaru hotel/Desaru resort, and food to eat here.

In case you’re traveling with family or friends, make sure you choose Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast as accommodation as they’re well-known as a family-friendly resort. You can choose from deluxe and comfortable rooms and suites. Other than that, the amenities and entertainment there is designed for all people thus everybody can have a great time here.

Amansari Hotel Desaru also is among the famous and comfy hotels in Desaru, at the same time, at a reasonable price. The accommodation is nearby to Desaru Beach, among the many attractions in Desaru. It is easy to visit in case you are stay overnight this hotel. The accommodation provides luggage storage that is convenient for travelers to keep their luggage.

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast

Here in Malaysia, we do not have much nice places to play golf. However, in The ELS Club Desaru Coast, you can have great golf experience. It is created by Vijay Singh and jointly developed with Ernie Els. The Valley Course covers an 18-holes championship golf course that offers golfers of all skill levels a challenging round.

Did you seen ostrich and get in touch with them? So if the reply is no, then you definitely must vacation to Desaru Ostrich Farm. They have more than 100 ostriches in the farm and you’ll also get the chance to get near to them. The caretakers will share all the fun information about ostriches that you will be amazed.

After visit Desaru Ostrich Farm, you can travel to Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm, which includes exceeding 1000 crocodiles. Just like the ostrich farm, you can definitely get the chance to get close to the crocodiles (under the supervising of the caretaker). Also, the caretaker will share every fun things about crocodiles with everyone.

Desaru is all about seafood. An excellent seafood restaurant in Desaru is Jade Garden Seafood Corner Sungai Rengit, Half an hour faraway from Desaru Beach. The restaurant is clean and comfortable. They serve fresh and delicious seafood especially lobsters, which is the best in my opinion. Don’t get worried around the price, it’s reasonable!

Besides Jade Garden Seafood Corner, Sengat Seafood Restaurant is another good option for seafood. This restaurant is perfect for Muslims because all the food are Muslim-friendly. Just like Jade Garden Seafood Corner, their seafood such as salted egg crab is fresh and delicious, which is really value for your money.

Desaru really is a suitable location for a weekend getaway. This area is especially ideal for a family vacation where every one of the members of the family can enjoy and play together. In case you’re thinking to have a family holiday, do come to Desaru, stay at Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, that’s much more comfortable specifically for the elderly.

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