Are You Subscribed to Any of These Digi Add-Ons Plans?

You might not realize it, but people these days rely on the internet more than you think. The internet plays an essential role in our daily lives; from checking your notifications the moment you wake up, to using the GPS to get somewhere unfamiliar. It’s difficult to imagine a life before video calls and Snapchat filters.

That is why Digi has prepared four internet plans, exclusively for their prepaid users to maximize their online experience. Digi’s Internet Cili Padi, Super Tererrr, biGBonus, and Kaki Social are add-on plans tailored to fit the needs of different customers.

Digi biGBonus Kaki Social

Internet Cili Padi

The Bird’s eye chili, or more commonly known as cili padi by Malaysians, is a small-sized chili pepper from the capsicum annuum species that packs a punch. Just like the pepper, the Internet Cili Padi plans are low priced passes that come with explosive quotas.

From prices as low as RM1, prepaid users can enjoy high-speed internet whenever you choose to. For example, night owls can purchase the RM2 Internet Cili Padi plan that is valid from 1 AM to 7 AM. In that period,10GB high-speed internet Is available for subscribers to the plan.

If you use specific apps more than others, such as video-viewing apps like YouTube, you can consider buying the Video – Lite plan that is valid for one whole day for just RM1! Other Internet Cili Padi App Passes include plans for social media apps and internet calls.

Super Tererrr

Are you always talking on your phone? Perhaps making phone calls is your preferred method of staying in touch with the people in your life? Then one of the Super Tererrr plans may be the solution for you.

Users of these plans can enjoy 24 hours of unlimited calls, 12 hours of unlimited internet and different internet speeds depending on the plan you’re interested.

For two of the Super Tererrr plans, there is an “Always Active” feature. This feature means that your subscription to the Super Tererrr plan is still valid even when your primary account expires. Instead of terminating your account, Digi will extend it for another 30 days.

Digi biGBonus Kaki Social


For internet users that aren’t content with just 10GB per month, how about an 60GB for the whole month?

Along with the basic high-speed internet, biGBonus can give you 2GB extra every day for 30 days. The best thing is, you can use them for everything and anything all month long.

Just like the Super Tererrr plans, some of the biGBonus plans have the “Always Active” feature. However, the offer for double the GB are for a limited time only, so be quick!

Kaki Social

Social butterflies, rejoice! Digi has the ultimate plans just for you. With the Kaki Social plans, you can keep scrolling your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feed endlessly!

How does it work? Subscribers of the Kaki Social are granted a 500MB quota every day throughout the month which can be used to access the three social media apps stated above.

You can also include call plans to your Kaki Social plans. With just RM38, you can make local calls up to 1,000 minutes, enjoy the high-speed internet and the 500MB daily for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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