5 food ingredients that are milk boosters

Am I producing enough milk for my baby? What is the average milk production a mother produces? Is there any way to increase my milk supply?

Ever had questions like these pop into your head? As a new mother, you may feel unsure about the amount of milk supply you are producing. But before you give up breastfeeding your baby, here are some food ingredients that are known to be milk boosters:


It’s not technically food, but staying hydrated is crucial when it comes to breast milk supply, and what’s better than drinking water? You don’t need to chug down gallons of water, but a piece of good advice is to drink whenever you start feeling thirsty.


As we’re living in a tropical country, we should take advantage of the local fruits, especially papaya. This fruit, unripe or ripe, is a traditional galactagogue that increases breast milk production. You can eat it raw with yoghurt or cereal, or in Thai cuisine like salads and noodle dishes.

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Not only does oat lowers cholesterol and regulate blood pressure, but it’s also great for maintaining breast milk supply. If you’re not sure how to consume oat, pair them with cereal or yoghurt with some fruits like raspberries or strawberries.

Lactation cookies

These cookies are made to increase milk supply, and they’re also delicious to snack. Although they don’t work for all women, most ladies with poor milk supply said lactation cookies worked for them. The recipe consists of galactagogue and pro-lactating ingredients such as oat and flaxseed.


If you’re not a fan of anise or black liquorice, or you’re not adventurous when eating, then fennel may not be part of your milk booster diet. Fennel is a herb that aids in digestion and believed to be an excellent galactagogue. You can eat it raw with salad or stew it.


All bodies are different, so there’s no need to worry if you feel like your body is not producing enough milk. Most of the time, your body knows more about itself than you.

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