4 Hidden Features of the Apple Watch

When Apple introduced the Apple Watch, they revealed a watch that functions as a mobile phone. The Apple Watch can send messages and make calls, track your fitness and even allow shopping on your wrist.

However, Apple did not advertise every single feature of the Apple Watch to the public. It won’t be a surprise if users of the Apple Watch aren’t fully aware of the potential of the gadget sitting on their wrist.

Whether you’re a new Apple Watch user or just a Digi customer that got an Apple Watch with the postpaid plan with unlimited internet, these are some hidden features you should know:

Capture screenshots

Just like other mobile phones, it’s possible to take screenshots of your Apple Watch. You can do it by holding down the side button and tapping the digital crown. You can tell you have successfully taken a screenshot when you see the screen flashes and a shutter sound plays. You can find captured screenshots in your Photos folder.

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Silent your watch with your hands

If you need to put your Apple Watch into silent mode quickly, simply place your hand over the watch and wait for a few seconds. Doing this makes the screen power off and enabling silent mode. This feature is great when you’re in a meeting or movie.

Toggle last used apps

Unlike the iPhone, there is no task switcher on the Apple Watch. However, you can toggle back and forth between the last two apps you used by double-pressing the digital crown. If no one told you, you probably are still exiting and launching apps again and again.

Clear notifications at once

Apple Watch users are probably familiar with clearing notifications one by one at the panel. But this can be a huge pain when you have 30 notifications to remove. To remove them all at once, hold down on any notification and an option to Clear All will appear.


If you’re an owner of an Apple Watch, we hope you learned something from these tips and tricks. Don’t be afraid to explore the features of the watch!

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