3 Things to Avoid When Writing a Job Advertisement

Writing a good job advertisement is crucial to getting the right candidate to notice your listing. An ineffective listing may jeopardise your chances of expanding your team with only the best talent and people. Here are three common issues employers face when they write job ads.

Too many things!

Some companies tend to cram everything into one single listing! This habit and behaviour make it hard for potential candidates to understand what you need precisely. This will possibly overwhelm them and give the impression of a disorganised company, which is the last thing you want then you’re trying to attract new talent.

Keep it simple and clear with listing down what you are looking for. Years of experience, relevant qualifications and skills are some examples. This enables you to attract the right people and sift through better candidates. 

Boring and dull

Certain listings are text-heavy, void of any excitement to induce interest in the candidate reading it. The candidate you need might pass on your ad because they got a dull impression from your job listing. 


To avoid this from happening, make your job advertisement exciting so yours could stand-out from the rest. Include appropriate typography, exciting colours and relevant graphics to keep your ad engaging. Another way to not make it boring is by using concise, single-sentence paragraphs and bullet points to convey your content 

Not search-friendly

When your team’s vacancy is advertised online, you will have to strategise in order for your job advertisement to do well. Specific keywords get detected and picked up by search engines better than others. Ignoring these keywords may decrease the visibility of your ad and might cost you a lot of potential candidates. 

Increase the searchability of your ad by using keywords relating to the job type, the position and the organisation. Be careful of keyword cannibalisation that could possibly happen when you overuse the keyword in your ad as well as risk your ad sounding unnatural. 


Avoid these mistakes and you’re on your way to hiring the best talent in the market out there! By writing an effective job advertisement, you’re sure to get the right candidate for the job you’re offering. Learn more on how you can advertise a job vacancy online here https://www.jobstreet.com.sg/en/cms/employer/

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